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Phone Numbers Files Extractor

It extract Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers from many different file formats such as txt, doc, pdf
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2 June 2009

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For safety purposes, we usually prefer saving our professional and personal contacts within different files or web pages stored within our PCs. This could turn out to be troublesome as searching out a specific contact necessitates you to browsing through several files for it. Even if you try collecting the scattered contacts manually into one file, it consumes much of your time and energies. However, you needn’t perform the task yourself, as you can assign it to an adept assistant that can extract contacts from selected files compiling them into a single file. One such assistant has been designed for you in the form of Phone Numbers Files Extractor 2.0. The program comprises of smoothly operated features that allow extracting contacts from different format files, zip folder, web pages, PDF documents, etc.

The Phone Numbers Files Extractor is capable of extracting base phone number, land line number, and mobile phones number from several file formats in short time, while checking for duplicate entries. Well, viewing the interface, it has been integrated well with vibrant color and easy-going features. The side bar on right notifies you about the file formats supported by the program, which includes doc, xls, csv, ppt, html, txt, pdf, zip, and more. Now, you can begin selecting the files containing contacts, which are shown listed with upper half of program screen. When you’ve added the required files, simply press extract to let the program commence the phone number extraction process. As soon as the extraction process completes, the program displays the extracted contacts with the lower half of its screen. Now, you can Save Phone Numbers to a new text file and get all contacts collected at one place. Moreover, you can alter program settings to auto extract phone numbers, remove duplicate phone number, and select theme to be gold or silver.

Using the Phone Numbers Files Extractor 2.0 you can easily extract phone numbers from several files with different formats within few clicks. The smooth performance aided by credible functioning and negotiable options, makes it deserving to get a score of 3.5 rating points.

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Phone Number Extractor v2.0 is an essential software to extract Phone Numbers(Base Phone, Land Line Number, Mobile Phones) from many different file formats such as txt, doc, pdf, xls, ppt and saved web pages in a short time of matter. it can also Extract Phone Numbers From Zip Files, Extract Phone Numbers From MS-Word Files, Extract Phone Numbers From PDF Files to process supported file formats. Phone Numbers Extractor v2.0 Software automatic check the occurence of phone numbers and remove duplicate numbers. This Software has potential to process thousands of files in a batch process. After extraction of Phone Numbers it gives the option to save the same in a text file for further use.
Phone Numbers Files Extractor
Phone Numbers Files Extractor
Version 2.0
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